Please put an end to Aussie legalised (!) murder of cats

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As we all know, the Aussie government legalised the murder of cats in Australia already about 10 years ago. Yet, most people remain silent, because people are afraid they may kill the "legend" of Australia. Having grown up in Australia, it is not easy for me to have to raise awareness. I was raised to believe Australia is perfect, everything Australian = perfect and there are no wrongs in Australia. I was glad to believe these things until I found out cats are often skinned alive and murdered in other cruel ways and the murderers of these cats are not punished, because killing cats = legal in Australia as long as the sadist murderer who kills them claim they are "feral". Everyone (all of my friends and relatives in Australia e.g.) who doesn’t hate cats and lives in Australia is afraid to have cats as pets. They know their cats would get killed if their collars fell of their necks and they do not like the idea that cats must carry bells around their necks at all times which must be annoying when the cats try to sleep. Cats live less long in Australia than they do in any other country – even those that get to be pets. It is as if they knew they are not welcome and many people want them to die. It is not the fault of cats that civilised British people who used to watch over convicts imported them to Australia as their companions more than 200 years ago and they are stuck there ever since. If you google "brutal murder of feral cats in Australia", you will get these results: (unfortunately this petition was closed)