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Conduct Probes Covering the Last 9 Years in Barbados.

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 Their economic, social and political lives have been turned upside down since 2008 and the People of Barbados have a right to know what is really happening in the island.  They are numbed by your silence as national conversations should have been forthcoming from your office on these issues with the aim of resolution.  They hereby petition you to initiate probes on the following:

1. Why you did nothing despite having first hand information that there was evidence of votes being bought (fraud) during last general election?

2. Not being forthright with the people despite having evidence that the laws provided relief for persons to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes.

3. Why marijuana cannot be legalized in Barbados?

4. Why did the Government change the rules so that Marston Gibson could become the Chief Justice of Barbados?

5. Why the Minister of Finance only has a single solution, which is taxation, to solve the economic problems of Barbados?

6. The 16 Billion dollars that has disappeared from the coffers of Barbados.

7. Where did the funds go that were collected by the NSRL?

8.  Where have all of the NIS funds disappeared?

9. The millions that have gone missing from the Barbados Revenue Authority. Why the female caught at the airport has not been prosecuted.

10. Why have some Barbadians have not received income tax returns for the past 3 years despite the fact that they have filed taxes?

11. The Four Seasons Project.

12. A  hotel is being built at the Carlisle Bay without the approval of the T&CP.

13 .Allegations of involvement of Government Ministers in a luxury car smuggling racket.

14. Government's involvement in a plan to build a Plasma Gasification plant in Barbados.

15.  Why the Prime Minister lied to the people of Barbados when he had already signed a letter to have the Plasma Gasification Plant built on the island?

16.  Governments abuse of the Tendering rules.

17. Despite its election promise government has not given 30% or any % of its tenders to small businesses.

18. Why are the roads full of pot holes and in a deplorable state despite every year taxes being collected specifically for fixing the roads?

19 . The check that was found on deceased Michael Wear.

20.  Why have you not even stated that there will be an inquiry into the death of Michael Wear? 

21.  The 20 downgrades of Barbados.

22.  The amount of debt that his administration has accumulated in the last 9 years to be payed by our grandchildren.

23.  The true level of unemployment and inflation in Barbados.

24. Why the Minister of the Environment put a tender in the newspaper without specifications.

25. Why are there 1500 empty houses unoccupied and rotting in Barbados?

27. Why the Minister of Industry and International Business is blaming a civil servant regarding one company when they were four rogue companies identified by the Canadian Parliament.  Is he accepting blame for the other three companies?

28. A probe into the illegal gun and drug trade that is destroying youth. 

29. Why your office has not seen it fit to modernize the mortgage legislation to prevent the poor and middle class from loosing their homes to the banks?

30. Why are Ministers of government not solving the island problems that they are being paid to but wasting time feeding the people distractions.

The people want to know.  #29PROBESAG







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