Refusing to communicate with the other parent of children in your care be made a crime

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Set an Example in QLD and Australia – refusal to communicate with the other parent of children in your care, be made into a crime.

Thousands of families are impacted by the actions of Family Courts making parenting orders about their children. Many families were not in dire need of intervention, it was simply that the parents are “no longer on good terms”.

Family Courts interfere with parenting relationships when they make orders that separate families and divide childrens loyalties by nominating one parent as “more deserving” of child custody than the other. This situation is made worse by the petty refusal of parents to communicate with each other.

When the other parent has custody of your children, you still worry about those children and “you are still their parent”. Nothing that the courts or any of their orders can ever do will change that. It is fundamentally wrong to believe that a parent could “suddenly cease to want to care for their own children”.

Therefore we need to acknowledge that removing children from one of their parents is abuse of that parent and abuse of the children losing them. We need to acknowledge it and call it the foul that it is!! It IS a “significant loss”, causing “shock” and is a lot like “forced adoption” or removal by child services. There is a psychological impact and psychological damage which results.

This psychological damage is then further excaserbated by the refusal of the other parent to communicate about your children, now in their care. This is a source of psychological damage which could be prevented.

For the sake of psychological damage prevention to those parents separated from their children against their wishes, and to the children, we the people, ask the government to take affirmative action and make refusal to communicate with the other parent of the children in your care, a criminal offence.

There are crimes and domestic violence which should not be excused because of family court orders and THIS is one of them!!

At the moment, we do not have a formal “relationships law” in which our behaviour towards others is regulated. We need to be liable for our behaviour and for the destruction and upset that our behaviour can cause to other people who we have relationships with.
There is no excuse for failing to be civil to your ex spouse, especially when you have children together who are being effected by your choices. Your disrespecting attitude about your childrens other parent, impacts your children and effects their belief systems and attitude to relationships and themselves.

Being a good example means that we are a good example to our children on every issue. There IS a minimum standard of decent behaviour towards others, or else there would not be a Crimes Act.

Parents in Family Court cases require support which family law does not give. We need a way to prevent excuses being made by child safety departments and the police that our reports of abusive behaviour towards us are “a family law matter”.

Refusing to communicate with the other parent of a child in your care is NOT a family law matter.!! It is a behavioural CHOICE intended to cause upset, suffering and worry. It is one of the single most violent behaviours which can provoke the victim to self destruct or act out. Refusing to communicate with the other parent of a child in your care is intentional emotional and psychological abuse.

The fundamental human rights of all people are that we are each treated fairly and with respect for our inherent rights as human beings. That we are treated with dignity, without discrmination and that we are afforded our civil and political rights and rights to freedom of speech. That we are able to live free from persecution, violence and degrading treatment.

Being refused communication with the other parent of your children who are in their care IS degrading treatment!!
It is a way to denigrate and invalidate the other parent.
Refusal to communicate says “that person is not important enough for me to talk to”.
It is psychological abuse and a form of domestic violence and it should be acknowledged as such.

Parents participating in family law court cases, always have the right to engage directly with the other parent and end their case. At any time, parents can return to mediation and joint counselling or civil discussion processes, and make new agreements and arrangements between them. Unless specified, parenting orders are not “no contact orders” in fact contact is required to carry the orders out and make variations. At any time parents can reconcile, move back in together or marry each other again. There is nothing at all stopping parents from resolving their differences and leaving their family court matter altogether. It would be brilliant if parents actually did this!!

Our children are the most precious family asset that we have. They are “our life”. If we cannot contact the other parent to discuss our childrens wellbeing status, needs, and current state of health or talk to our children, we are being psychologically punished in a very abusive manner! !!

Refusal to communicate with the other parent of children in your care is ABUSE and it should be a prosecutable criminal offence regardless of family court orders.

How many suicides will it take before more dignified solutions to family law disputes are made? ??

How many more lives will be destroyed by sudden loss of children and the lifelong guilt and self-abuse that this can cause?

Prosecutable criminal offenceses are an excellent deterrant to crime.
People that are concerned about the consequences of their actions will be much less likely to commit an offence if they can be prosecuted for it.


Help parents being persecuted and tormented by unfeeling custodial parents. NO-ONE deserves to be denied information about their children or to be able to contact the person who has our children in their care. This should be a human right for all parents!

Please help prevent domestic violence, drug abuse and crime by making the act of refusing to communicate with the other parent of children in your care, a crime.

Allow interested parents the hope that they can and will see their children again and that their parental relationships will be restored.

By taking this step you will be making a bold move forward towards helping families with their family law disputes. By enabling a penalty on this abusive behaviour in particular, many families and many childhoods could be saved.

We need to stop the “erasing of good parents” that this behaviour causes from occurring altogether. Being a parent is a position in life, as is being a human being. Please help to defend the human rights of parents by enabling this offence.

Please conduct community consultation on the development of this criminal offence and the scope of its operation in law.

Please engage with the community to find out the actual extent that this behaviour is occurring today since its occurance is widespread and causing serious damage.

Please invite the community to input to this process and allow for humane treatment of non-custodial parents who are in parenting disputes, by creating a law to defend them.


Thank you