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Reinstate Lance Gackowski as a reputable athletics coach

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We, the undersigned, formally petition to reinstate Lance Gackowski, a teacher at DeKalb High School, in his position as an athletics coach at DHS. Gack was unfairly dismissed from his responsibilities as a wrestling and tennis coach because of an egregious act to a wrestler, of which he was unaware, by a few of his fellow wrestlers. Mr. Gack was the only coach in a bus with 50 or so wrestlers,and sat in the front of the bus by the driver. In the very back of the bus, some students were saying racial slurs to an African American student. Mr. Gackowski was later made aware of the incident by the student's mother, but had no knowledge of it prior to that. After an incident report was filed, Mr. Gack was deemed "negligent" of the students under his care, and removed from his position as the current wrestling coach and all other coaching responsibilities in the future. Gack is an incredibly, incredibly caring individual and had he been aware that this was going on, he would have taken all possible measures to stop it. If the DeKalb High School authorities fire a teacher from his job every time a student misbehaves and the teacher doesn't catch it right away, we would have no teachers left at DHS. The same should go for coaches. Please sign this petition to reinstate Gack, one of the best coaches and teachers at DHS, as the tennis and wrestling coach.  

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