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Reverse their demand to prohibit the Biergarten from hosting entertainment.

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The Biergarten is a community tradition and an important cultural icon for the city of Indianapolis


Statement from Dan McMichael, owner




For the past 17 years, it has been my privilege and honor to own and operate The Rathskeller Restaurant. With the help of an incredible staff, supportive friends and family and a welcoming community, we have created one of the best and most amazing restaurants, special events and entertainment facilities – including the popular Biergarten – in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.




When I first took ownership in 1995, I invested my own sweat, tears and dollars into a worn down building and created what it is today. At that time, I cleaned, repaired, remodeled and restored The Rathskeller Restaurant to its integrity. I expanded the restaurant menu, improved food service, enhanced customer service and created remarkable event and venue space.




As a downtown resident and business owner, the transformation of The Rathskeller Restaurant has truly been a dream come true for me. Sadly, the Athenaeum Foundation is threatening to shut down the beloved Biergarten – the very space that has become a tradition to the Indianapolis community. The Foundation has notified me that I can no longer provide live music, entertainment and operate in the Biergarten as of July 1.




I refuse to give up on my dream. The Rathskeller and Biergarten are my livelihood, my family, my history and my future - and to have this happen on the anniversary of my 17th year is devastating. However, I will not rest until I have done absolutely everything in my power to not have the tradition of the entertainment end.




My staff and I are implementing a Save the Biergarten campaign and we invite you to be a part of it.


  1. Sign a petition
  2. Come down and show your support
  3. Sign our banner, and leave us a note
  4. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @rathskellerindy
  5. Spread the word to your family and friends
  6. Tell the Anthenaeum Foundation that you don’t want to lose the Biergarten and all the great music that’s performed here year after year




Let’s Save the Biergarten!




You may have many questions, so don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an email or message us on Facebook. My direct number is 317.636.0396. You’ll also find updates on our Facebook page and Twitter.




Regardless of the outcome, please know I am committed to the Indianapolis community. The Rathskeller Restaurant and Keller Bar will remain open and functional for dining, special events, meetings and special gatherings.




I am grateful to so many people who have made this an incredible experience for me and my family. I have loved my time in the Biergarten. There are simply too many people to say thank you to, and so many incredible experiences to recount. I am grateful to all our staff, family and friends. You have made this experience unforgettable. Let’s not let it die.



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