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The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP): Stop rigging heats and pushing more famous surfers through heats. Fix the judging because it is very broken.

For the integrity of our sport. It is turning into a reality telivision show more akin to pro wrestling than a sport. It is clearly rigged, to those of us who are paying attention. Just because a surfer such as Joel Parkinson has more sponsor support does not mean said surfer should recieve higher scores. It is unfair to the other surfers and wildcards in contests. It also does not allow for the cinderella story that we all love so much in sports to ever happen. The WCT in its current form will never be taken seriously and can never be expected to grow. It is clear those in charge are absolutly inept or corrupt and should all be fired. Integrity is vital in sports, and in professional surfing right now there is none.

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The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP)
Fix the judging because it it very broken. We need to hold the judges to a higher standard, and set them up to succeed. Everything that can be done to eliminate bias, should be done in order to create a level playing field for competitors. Some improvements that can be made.
1. Eliminate or reduce the role of the head judge. It makes no sense for this title to exist, as there should be no one person influencing the judges.
2. Separate the judges from Each Other. This accomplishes several things. It will give the judges different angles for the waves and eliminates their ability to consult with each other or offer opinions to each other.
3. Clarify Criteria before each event to viewers judges and surfers. After doing this stick to that criteria. Adjust the criteria depending on the wave being surfed as needed but stick to it. (Don't ask for innovative maneuvers and not reward them.)

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