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Join me to stop Poaching

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first off I want to talk about how poaching is bad for our enviorment and not just theres. what we do to those animals is cruel and un behavoir like why do we even need to do that any way because you don't need to make money off of animals people i get so frustrated sometimes that people do this to living beings and is hurting our enviorment as well. Why this hurts our enviorment is because when a species goes extinct because of humans that species that ate that being of sort now has to change there food cycle and there is lot as of migration and moving through out poaching which causes us to have  different enviorment

Now i am on how I can change it and how it can be stopped. now recently there has been a few new species discovered and poaching has been sky rocketing and we can stop that by helping country by giving them donations to keep these wild animals alive. another big way we can stop it  if we were to sing petitions in witch will advertise and more an more people will see this and more and more people will try to help as much as possible and thats how i think we can stop poaching right now. 

another big reason for this is becuase they hunt many animals just for there skin and tusks. this usally happens in africa becuase there is elephants and rhinos in africa. they usally would kill them for there gull blatter there skin and there tusks they use there skin for making clothing and to be honest i dont know what they use there tusks for. 


cons of poaching:

decreases population in some animals 

could make them go exticnt 

the enviormet losses habitats

finally the food chain for other animals might get them mixed up and those animals could go extinct as well


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