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Ban leaf blowers in residential neighborhoods

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Pollution is a huge environmental issue in the Phoenix metro area, and significantly affects community and individual health. The EPA notes that a single gas-powered leaf blower emits as much chemical pollution per year as 80 cars. Further, leaf blowers do nothing to remove neighborhood debris; they merely blow one yard's waste into neighboring yards. In the process, leaf blowers generate noise pollution and stir up mold, dust, and pollen, contributing to asthma and other respiratory and cardiovascular problems. We need to take a stand against the use of leaf blowers in residential neighborhoods, where they are unnecessary to the upkeep of small yards and impact our children.

Leaf blowers are currently banned or partially banned in at least 86 cities nationwide. Of these, 55 are in California, which shares the dust, allergen, and pollution problems that plague the Phoenix Metro area. Professional gardeners and plant enthusiasts note that leaf blowers are detrimental to living vegetation, and as demonstrated in tests published in a 1998 press release from Zero Air Pollution (Los Angeles), raking and gathering yard waste is more effective than and at least as fast as the use of a leaf blower.

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