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Vote "No Confidence" in the presidential election via a write in.

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The general idea is that the result of voting in this fashion will have a greater impact for the things most benefiting you in this and upcoming elections than any other vote you can cast. I will go into the general message behind this vote at the bottom.

I was asked... why not support a 3rd party candidate. Isn't writing in "No Confidence" just throwing your vote away? I have several answers to this.

#1. Unless you live in a swing state then your vote really doesn't count anyways. The candidates don't actively campaign for your vote... they really could care less and the electoral college system all but assures no 3rd party candidate can win....In addition to this, if you do live in a swing state there is strong evidence of voting fraud... so your vote truly DOES NOT COUNT.

#2. I would prefer to actually switch those already voting for a 3rd party to write in "No Confidence" for this upcoming vote. This can consolidate the 3rd party vote into one consistent message which is...

#3. The conversation started by a poll that has any percentage (let alone a strong one) saying "No Confidence" will have more impact than a poll simply showing a percentage for the name of a 3rd party candidate. If they say "Gary Johnson 2%" and "Jill Stein 1%" this is expected and no one will say one more word of this. If it says "No Confidence 3%"... people will talk about that and it will create some discussion. It spreads the message and spreading the message gives hope to these 3rd parties 4 years from now... (or 2 for congress... much more hope than the alternate.

#4. The conversation is WORTH MORE than a vote that most likely does not count.

#5. This is a different argument heard than the traditional "Vote 3rd party" argument. They have heard the 3rd party argument and they have made up their mind. This argument is about gaining value from your vote. it's about inclusiveness and cartels. It's about censorship... the total argument here is about HAVING THE CONVERSATION. It's about voting to have this conversation and this vote DOES NOT EVEN NEED TO WIN for it to work.

#6. People have become jaded on 3rd parties. Those who believed in them may have felt a repercussion as what they believed was teh "greater evil" from the 2 main parties may have won... and they think this wouldn't have been the case had they not voted 3rd party. Voting "No Confidence" offers more hope than voting 3rd party.

#7. People have become jaded on politics in general because of reasons mentioned on this site. They would otherwise not vote... but may go out and vote "No Confidence" because they understand the importance of bringing the issues mentioned here to light. As such, for this election, no other option has as good of a chance at actually competing with the 2 main parties (or rather, 1 bipartisan party) as voting "No Confidence".

For these reasons I ask that you spread this message. Even if you WON'T vote this way... if you understand the importance of the argument and conversation please spread the word... as actively as possible. When you spread this tell others to keep spreading it. It can only reach people virally and there is not much time. Please make sure this OPTION reaches as many people as possible.

So what conversation do I hope to start? The following is what I believe should be discussed.

It is believed that...
1. The Republican and Democratic parties essentially follow the same platform while nitpicking small differences and debating about them.
2. That via corporate funding, many viable political choices are silenced and that politicians should have to identify their top contributors and top contributors to Super Pacs with all political messages.
3. That via the CPD and similar organizations that are a bipartisan effort to eliminate 3rd parties, the Republican and Democratic Parties have become a cartel no longer offering a real choice. This cartel should be broken up.
4. That via media consolidation, most television, radio, newspapers, movies, and general media have merged into 6 companies all with close ties also defining a cartel that has voluntarily censored issues. This cartel should be broken up.
5. That the delegate system is outdated and no longer relevant. That we no longer see the delegates we vote for in the election process. The idea of delegates is to elect informed voters that then have free will to vote for a given candidate. These delegates increasingly have no free will to vote as they wish and this system limits the opinions of voters in many states. Voters should either be directly voting for delegates who have free will or there should be a popular vote in national elections.
6. That the system of appointing personnel is outdated and abused. That there are far too many members of the government with the ability to tax directly or in a round about way or set policy and these names are rarely heard with no say by the American Public. These positions include but are not limited to...
a. Diplomats to Foreign Countries
b. Diplomats to Foreign Committees and Agencies
c. Leaders of Government Agencies such as the FDA, FBI, Armed Forces, ATF, CIA, DEA, SEC, EPA, ETC.
d. Positions of Authority effecting the population such as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Commission Chairmen, and Cabinet Members.
Allowing for a more direct vote of these positions would allow the American People to voice their opinions on more specific issues instead of lumping all issues into one vote.
7. That voting fraud is too commonplace. That, given technological advancements, voters should be able to check that their vote was tallied accurately. That incidents of voter fraud should be better investigated and punished and that this should extend to primary elections.
8. That many politicians fit the definition of a psychopath and that as psychopaths are incapable of serving the public good, candidates should be given MRI's and these results should be made public so voters can understand that they are voting for someone with a moral handicap.
9. That the confidentiality system used by the federal government has been abused. That an agency should be formed, the head of which is voted on by the people, that is given free rein to assure the system of confidentiality within the government is not abused.
10. That blatant lying by politicians is too commonplace. That blatant lies told to the American people by federal politicians should be considered perjury and should be taken to court and tried in similar fashion. The American People should not consider such lies common and to be expected... nor can federal employees be allowed to impose this punishment on a citizen without offering the same respect.

I have started a facebook page dedicated to spreading this word.!/VoteNoConfidenceForUsFederalGovernment/info

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