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Charge the Democrat Party with Sedition

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It is time for all Patriotic Americans to make our stand. We have had enough of the corrupt, treasonous, obstructionist, hypocritical Democrat Party trying to destroy our country and overthrow our lawfully elected President and his Administration. 

As elected officials the Democrats only job is to work for the American people and for our country. However, it has become apparent that the Democrats no longer intend to WORK at all except to obstruct our government, prevent work from being done, spread lies and propaganda about our elected Administration and incite violence and resistance. This is Sedition.. Treason... and the Democrat Party needs to be held accountable.

This is part of a three point plan to go on the attack against the Democrats - Petition to the American People, Take our Movement to the Conservative Media "Fox, the Blaze, Breitbart", and file charges "Legally" through the court system against the Democrats for Sedition/Treason.

Americans.. Its time to make our stand. Sign this petition and join me in this fight.

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