Rise Up to Form The "American Patient Defense Union" !

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"Unions empower individual Americans - isn't it time for the American patient to be empowered?"

This petition is your call to arms as a citizen or resident of the United States to build a union in defense of every patient in America - because that patient is, or could be, you or someone you love.

The American healthcare establishment is increasingly dominated by a well-polished corporate culture focused on generating revenue and creating "service lines". This culture shift in American Medicine is frequently overriding medical ethics and patient safety.

Despite literally hundreds of thousands of American patients bearing the brunt of liability and loss to this corporate structure, the healthcare establishment itself is quite well fortified by strong legal defensive forces, well-polished marketeers and powerful lobby groups at the state and federal levels. 

Over the past 4 years the corruptible magnitude of corporate influence over the practice of medicine in America has clarified itself to me - as a husband-turned activist, a father, a surgeon and a citizen.

I've often wondered if individual American patients need a powerful watchdog force to defend them in a personalized way, as they navigate the healthcare maze.

There is precedent for this idea: American Laborers, susceptible to corporate abuse, have their unions. Americans susceptible to civil rights abuses have the the ACLU and NAACP.

But who defends individual patients' rights - especially those who are avoidably neglected, abused or harmed within our healthcare system? Very certainly not healthcare corporations (or the doctors employed by them). The fox is never a trustworthy guardian of the hen-house.

Doesn't it stand to reason that individual American patients rise up to form a muscular union force to defend them from abuse, neglect and predatory corporate practices in the healthcare establishment?

IMAGINE -- The American Patient Defense Union: "You Are Not Alone"

Let's create something greater than ourselves - Let's create the patient-powered backbone needed by every American patient - Let's create a union of the patient, by patient and for the patient.

The Time IS Now!

Please give the union your vote of confidence and write your opinions/suggestions here. And stay tuned. More to come.

"Out of Pain, Suffering and Injustice - Power is Born"