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The American Education System is Outdated. It's Time for Change.

Year after year, students are expected to memorize backward-looking knowledge to pass tests — and then they quickly forget what they learned because it has no relevance in their lives. And today it is not only students who are judged by standardized test scores but also their teachers, leading many to “teach to the test” rather than allow students to explore ideas and apply concepts to the real world. Formal academic education in America does not teach critical thinking. It kills creativity.

As children become teens, they begin to see fewer possibilities when they should be seeing more. Education should be an enlightening experience. It's time for change. 

Use hashtag: #TransformEd

Letter to
US Dept. of Education
US Under Secretary Martha Kanter
US Secretary of Education  Arne Duncan
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US Deputy Secretary Tony Miller
The old habits of America's education system and its environment are outdated. It's time for change.

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