The Akron community demands resignation of the AAM Board of Directors Executive Committee.

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The Akron Art Museum is a community institution that must be held responsible to the public trust. On April 30, 2020 ARTnews released an article outlining racism, sexism and bullying by the Akron Art Museum Director Mark Masuoka. Since this article was released local press from Akron Beacon Journal, The Devil Strip and have further covered the story.

The Akron Art Museum Board of Directors have chosen to continue to protect and cover-up former AAM Director and CEO Mark Masuoka's alleged behaviors in an attempt to suppress the voices of countless staff members who have spoken out against Masuoka's leadership and systemic discrimination.

It is time to put pressure on the Akron Art Museum to do the right thing and demand for the resignation of the Board of Directors Executive Committee. Sign the petition and let the Akron Art Museum know that our community stands against racism, sexism and bullying.

AAM Board of Directors Executive Committee:

Drew Engles, President
Richard Harris, Co-Treasurer
Bill Lipscomb, Secretary
Derrick Ransom, Treasurer
Lin Gentile, Executive Vice President
Myriam Altieri Haslinger, Past President
Rory H. O’Neil, Past President
Bruce Rowland, Past President