The age of cathedrals: a concert to rebuild Notre Dame de Paris

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"The bells will no longer ring, the cathedral has fallen silent"

In the light of dawn and as we prepare to rebuild, I would like you to join me in asking the cast and crew of the Notre Dame de Paris musical to organize a big solidarity concert, the profits of which will all be donated to help with the reconstruction.

Just as all other French people, it was with great emotion that I saw the spire of the majestic Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral collapse last night, Monday, April 15, 2019. Tears came to my eyes, despite the 878km of distance that kept me from witnessing the disaster in person.

Even from abroad, via radio and the images shared on social media, it’s impossible not to feel something when you see the flames that ravaged this symbol of Paris last night. Notre Dame isn’t just a jewel of Gothic and 19th-century architecture. It is the symbol of the age of cathedrals that is not just that of a Catholic faith. It says something about the desire for the universal that each one of us shares, something about the artistic genius and ingenuity of humanity as a whole.

To me,  she’ll forever remain the silent actress of all of my student years hanging out in the Latin Quarter and on the quays of Saint Michel, and the main character of a magnificent musical that rocked my childhood and touched audiences far beyond the borders of France.

This moment of mourning is also a wonderful opportunity to reconcile around the reconstruction of this monument that we all carry in our hearts. It’s a chance to remember the miracles of beauty that can emerge when we gather, for all French people, for all the Parisians in France and around the world.

It is with great emotion that I recall today the overwhelming lyrics and melodies of the musical Notre Dame de Paris, which sound hauntigly relevant after yesterday's events. To participate in this collective effort, I hope that the cast and producers will organize an exceptional charity event, with all profits going directly to the reconstruction.

This musical is directly inspired by Victor Hugo's magnificent novel and, like the original work, I am convinced that these texts have such a powerful impact that they transcend time and will touch all French people and the whole world.

A charity concert is a great opportunity to allow everyone to lay their stone in the building of reconstruction - and as the song would say: "Stone after stone, day after day, from century to century with love, he has seen the towers, which he had built with his hands, rise”.