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Disband Areas of the Dress Code

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     The staff at Jones College Preparatory High school has implemented a dress code requiring that yoga pants not be worn, pants must be at least the length at which your fingers touch them when hanging at your side, and that the student's midriff be covered. 

     While at first sight a seemingly trivial topic, I hope that by reading this you shall come to see that this code represents much deeper flaws in our society.

     You are likely wondering, "How is this dress code sexist?" Well, while the code technically applies to both males and females, and I'm sure that the administration had only the best intentions when forming this policy, it (likely unintentionally) singles out the female sex. The pieces of clothing mentioned here are common garb among today's young women, and are generally absent in the wardrobes of young men. In implementing this code, the administration at Jones is causing the young women of the school to go significantly out of their way, an obstruction not given to the young men of the same establishment. This is a seemingly miniscule obstruction is in fact larger when you begin to examine the topic closer. The pieces of clothing specified in the code are very popular among today's young women, and many stores do not even sell shorts of the length the Jones administration would have them wear. Since this clothing is so popular, many of the young women affected by this policy have wardrobes filled almost entirely with this garb. These facts lead me to the conclusion that the dress code policy at hand specifically singles out the feminine gender, and that it is therefore sexist, if unintentionally so.

     Not only is this dress code sexist, but it is illogical. It is a completely arbitrary judgment that the midriff and upper legs be covered. It is my understanding that this dress code was implemented to prevent distraction of the male/lesbian students. However, I would argue that it is unsuccessful in this goal, and that it as a matter of fact reduces productivity. Teenagers have incredibly high levels of hormones, regardless of what those around them are doing. I am sorry to say that the vast majority of teens cannot help but be distracted by sex. It is simply the evolutionary drive to procreate. The idea that wearing slightly less clothes will exacerbate this distraction is unfounded. In addition, many young women feel comfortable in the clothes specified in the dress code, especially in hot weather. Forcing these individuals to wear less comfortable clothes simply because these clothes are seen as “inappropriate” is counter to progress and hinders the individual’s productivity. It likely also causes resentment among many of the female students, creating a more negative atmosphere in the school as a whole.

     This Dress Code represents much more than some teen's freedom to wear what they wish. It represents an old fashioned and outdated mindset. The type of mindset that blames women for being raped because of what they are wearing. The type of mindset that is scared of human sexuality. The type of mindset that I don’t want the future children of America to have to deal with. While this may be just a high school dress code, the far more important topic is what this code stands for. What precedent it sets for the future. By signing this petition, you are refusing to accept that precedent.

Thank you,

 Thomas Schuberth


Post Script:

     As a caveat of sorts I'd like to say that I have no personal problem with any of the staff or administration at Jones College Prep. As a whole I have been in support of many of their policies and standards. I simply feel that they are incorrect on this issue. Despite the inflamatory wording of this piece I have great respect for Dr. Powers and his colleagues, and hope that this can remain a civil argument.

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