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To put a warning about the website on their website, that Service Dog Registry is not a recognized "registration", and compel "Service Dog Registration of America to post

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This website promotes themselves as a "Service Dog Registration", and their ads and websites say "take your emotional support service dogs with you everywhere, register with us to take your emotional support dog in hotel, and on airlines". You can "register" your dog with them for free (which means absolutely nothing). But then, you have to pay in order to get a "service dog ID" and "certificate" (which both mean nothing as well). But this is a major problem. It's hurting those with legitimate service dogs. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), is a government agency to ensure people with disabilities are treated fairly. They encompass many laws, and service animals are one law they cover. The ADA does NOT require any sort of certification whatsoever for a service dog to be considered a service dog, and therefore allowed everywhere a patron, or guest, or member can be, with the exception of where food is prepared (for instance, they can be in any restaurant, but cannot be in the kitchen part of the restaurant). Basically, the law states that if you say your dog is a service dog, then it is. This law was written this way because it was not expected to be abused in the way it is. It states the service animal (now only recognized as dogs and miniature horses), must provide a service and action for it's handler. This encompasses but is not limited to; Seeing eye dogs, Seizure alert dogs, Diabetes alert dogs, medical alert dogs, Stability dogs, Wheelchair pulling dogs, Autism dogs. It states that; "emotional support dogs, are NOT considered service animals under this law". Meaning basically, that dogs that provide emotional support, or calms a person, is not considered a service dog (with the exception of Autism support dogs). And this is because basically any dog, could then be considered an "emotional support dog". Who's dog doesn't provide us with emotional support?

This law is becoming highly abused. A business or anywhere the public is allowed, cannot deny access to a person with a service dog in any way. The are allowed to ask 2 questions, and 2 questions only; "Is this a service dog?" and "What service does this dog provide?" Any other questioning and/or denying access to someone with a service dog, can be heavily fined, and can be closed down if they have multiple infractions, not to mention being privately sued by the patron. They CANNOT ask for ID from the handler or the dog, they CANNOT ask for any type of certification or anything of the sort. So people are becoming wise to this law, knowing a business will not open themselves up to fines, media scrutiny, and lawsuits. And being that not all service dog owners have a visible disability, (like epilepsy or other seizure disorder whose dogs alert them to an oncoming seizure, those with diabetes whose dogs alerts them if their blood sugar gets dangerously high or low, just as an example), it's easily abused. Slap a vest on your dog, and say you have epilepsy!
This website preys on people who very little-nothing about the laws. And it takes advantage of the service animal laws, and create the need for heavy reform, which will be of great detriment to those with real service dogs, who really need them. This is simply catering to people who want to take their pet everywhere with them, fly their dog for free, not have to pay deposits on hotel rooms, and basically take advantage of the system.
Service Dog Registration of America, is a highly unscrupulous "company" taking advantage of those with disabilities. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SERVICE DOG REGISTRY. This is something that sounds legit, but is not. In order to protect those with legitimate service animals who really need it, this website needs to be shut down. I'm all for making money as a legitimate business, but not when it hurts those with disabilities, and helps other unscrupulous people to take advantage of the system.
Please support this petition in an effort to get the ADA to make this "business" recognized for the corrupt people they really are.
Thank you. 

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