Replace Current Administration at ACCT Philly

Replace Current Administration at ACCT Philly

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In light of recent events, we, the volunteers and Love Local Partners of ACCT Philly, demand the immediate termination of: Aurora Velazquez, Executive Director

Summer Dolder, Director Strategic Initiatives     

Kate Kelley, Medical Manager


- Not only are animals being mistreated in the care of ACCT Philly, volunteers and rescue partners are being pushed away, banned for actions that do not adversely affect the welfare of the dogs and cats and losing priority over adopters who are not properly screened or vetted. This has caused improper placement of dogs, dogs not getting spayed/neutered and rescues desiring to work with other shelters. There has also been a significant decrease in volunteer activity, many of which would agree that is directly related to the current administration. 


- A dog named Saint who was severely injured while in Animal Controls Care, who was denied lifesaving treatment so he could be reunited with an owner who very much wanted him back. 


- A parvo positive dog was adopted out the public, which puts the animal community, as a whole, at risk. 


- A dog who was adopted out in the summer of 2020 was being promoted for breeding on social media by the adopter. Animal Control did not resolve the situation, nor did they claim the dog back. Another dog, Daisy, who was adopted out despite rescue interest, who’s owners had to be tracked down to bring her in for a spay appointment.


A cat, who was left in a trap, on a shelf not a kennel, for SIX days before being found by a volunteer. After complaints and social media outrage, the cat was finally fixed and released back into his colony.
The entire TNR program for ACCT has, essentially, been dismantled, which directly and adversely affects the stray cat population, as well as the welfare of the stray cats in our city. Even though PennVet is supposed to be designated for TNR, the TNR appointments are often canceled for other surgeries. 


- A recent kennel inspection report (July 2021) in which the dog warden has suggested that Animal Care and Control Team be investigated for cruelty by the PSPCA. It was also demanded by the dog warden that dogs in the care of ACCT receive immediate medical care. 


The current management’s sole purpose has been to execute a marketing campaign to mislead the city, board and the public of the state of affairs at ACCT.  Volunteers and rescues have walked away due to a lack of transparency and for being reprimanded for speaking up when they see wrong doing.  There has been a mass resignation of staff due to a hostile work environment and this has immensely impacted the welfare of the animals at ACCT (documented in the latest warden report).

We are ALL aware that the current warehouse cannot accommodate the demand of the city and were all hopeful that the hiring of Aurora would allow for new initiatives to better the shelter and perhaps for the board to finally concentrate on fundraising for a better space.  This was not the case.

There have been documented cases of animals being placed unaltered, infectious, terminal and now with an owned animal being brutally injured and murdered, the board needs to make a decision.  The animal community of Philadelphia can be the best advocate for ACCT and help this board survive a transition  – we are asking you to terminate this reign of abuse and start the healing for all.




Being tax paying citizens, rescue partners and hard working volunteers, we demand that the animals in care of ACCT Philly be treated in humane and ethical ways that align with the values of everyone else in the rescue community. The standards for ACCT Philly are incredibly low and there have been no repercussions for continuously failed kennel inspections and the mishandling of animals. The issues have all worsened or have originated under the leadership of Aurora Velazquez and that is why we demand she step down and be replaced with an experienced, compassionate leader who will ensure that the cities discarded animals are maintained in healthy, clean and respected state. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!