Don't let Casey Affleck hand off the 2018 Best Actress Oscar

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The CEO of the Academy has publicly stated that they are taking our concern into account as they consider the upcoming Oscars.

This petition began soon after the overwhelming avalanche of me too stories, both online and in person. I wanted to take action as a man who makes films, to say, "I hear you. I want the industry to better wherever it can." The Academy CEO's answer is an extension of that, and I consider that a great success.

Over the past week I've had an ongoing debate with many people from close friends to overseas journalists, and I've come to the realization that because these allegations are still unproven and have been legally settled, the Academy's acknowledgement and consideration is as much as we can justly expect. Whatever action they take from here, the message has reached them: there is enormous work to be done to change the culture of harassment and mistreatment of women in the industry and it must be reflected in how they present themselves and honor artists in the industry.

Having now gotten the ear of the Academy on this issue, I want to take more responsibility in my own small independent sphere to continue making sure filmmaking on any scale is done with respect and dignity for everyone.

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