The 19th: Economic Boycott for Women's Bodily Autonomy

The 19th: Economic Boycott for Women's Bodily Autonomy

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On the 19th of each month, from 12 AM until 11:59 PM we commit to NOT buy, pay for, purchase, send, or expend any of our monies in protest against:

1. the Supreme Court's decision to strip woman of her federal Constitutional rights to bodily autonomy; and

2. the United States Congress for its continued failure to protect women equally under the law (cough cough ERA).

For far too long women have had to rely on the courts to protect us from gender inequality in every aspect of our life.  The highest court of our country, the United States Supreme Court, has now lost our faith that women can rely on the federal constitution to protect us from sexist laws passed on a state by state basis.  We CHOOSE to birth the citizens of the United States of America, and we deserve equal treatment as citizens in any state's jurisdiction in which we stand.

Our Bottom Line:
We will not buy into an economy that refuses to honor our independence under the Federal Constitution.  On every 19th day of every month we will withhold our participation in the economy. We will hit the bottom line of the United State's economy to show our governments (Federal and States) how much our voice will be heard. What we are willing to sacrifice until we get that Federal legislation we need a right to, now and when we vote.

Why the 19th?
The 19th Amendment is the only legislation that guarantees women's rights expressly in our Constitution.  It was the beginning, it clearly is not enough.

Why now and not after the decision is released?
When the Supreme Court makes it clear that a woman's rights to bodily autonomy are not guaranteed under the Federal Constitution, why wait?  Now is the time to let our elected representatives know just how many of us are going to raise cain, and put our money and our votes where our mouths are now, and every day until the United States Congress protects women under the Federal Constitution.

Why a one day boycott of buying?
Because when spenders and buyers withhold their purchase power collectively, legislators listen. By signing this petition, and committing to not buying, sending or spending any money on the 19th of each month, you are sending a very clear message through your signature committing in this petition to participate, AND by not buying which, when done in unison with others on the same day will show its impact to the U.S. Department of Commerce in its tracking of the PCE ("Personal Consumption Expenditures") price index*. WHICH CONGRESS, CAPITALISTS, AND COFFERS will notice.

A note to small businesses: we know small businesses will be impacted by this, and that may hurt for one day each month. We ask for small businesses to show their allyship with women to be granted an express equality under the Federal Constitution by preparing for the 19th.  Having oppressed women is going to hurt small businesses much more than one day a month without sales.

Why can they do this?  Because the ERA did not pass as an Amendment to the Federal Constitution. Without a guarantee to "Equal Rights", any Justice can make any decision about any woman and what her "historical" role in the country should be.  Hold up the 19th until the ERA passes.

WHEN: EVERY 19th day of each month.
TIME: 12 am until 11:59 PM
WHAT: Do not spend any of your money.  You can work, but don't cash paychecks. Don't buy anything, order anything. This protest can only work if a whole lotta people care enough to not contribute to economy as BUYERS on the 19th of May.

Note, no one is saying don't work...unless your employer lets you have the day off ;) ...just don't buy or pay for anything for one 24 hour period).  Do your rights matter enough to do the prep work?  We think so.

*What is PCE?

63 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!