Cobh Municipal Authorities restores the access to batteries strand (Titanic Garden)

Cobh Municipal Authorities restores the access to batteries strand (Titanic Garden)

6 April 2021
Petition to
Cork County Council/ Cobh Municipal Authorit (Chairperson Sinéad Sheppar)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Peter Kidney

We are asking Cork County Council, and Cobh Municipal Authorities, to allow access to the Batteries strand (Titanic Garden ) by removing the gate installed a number of years ago.  
And to include and register the strand as a public ‘Right of way’,and an ‘Amenity’ in the County Plan.  
That the survey of the steps and cliff  by Cork County Council should be made available to the public.  
 If remedial work on the cliff and steps is needed it should be done as a matter of urgency.
 The Batteries strand is huge asset to the town given its proximity to the town Centre and Titanic Gardens which already attracts many tourists to the Eastern side of Cobh. 

It is one of the only strands along with ‘White Point strand’ suitable for bathing in the Cobh urban area and it would be a shame if it was no longer available to the people of Cobh.
The reasons are as follows:

In the event of a boating accident the emergency services cannot access the beach or indeed any of the foreshore as far as Cuskinney and lives could be lost.  
This beach has been used in the past by the local schools for field trips to show examples of marine life living in the many rock pools.
 The Batteries has been used by generations of Cobh people and their families  for swimming and recreation and will be lost forever if we do not act now. 

Please sign this petition if we can get enough signatures we will meet the town officials and make sure it is included in the County Plan which will be open for public consultation shortly.  If the beach is included in the  it will become the Councils responsibility to maintain it. 
This  ensure that the strand will be reopened. If we do nothing the’ Right of Way’  and access to the strand will be lost forever. Please sign and share with your friends and family. (Photo Marita Foster)

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Signatures: 1,273Next Goal: 1,500
Support now