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Thank Wisconsin's courageous State Senators

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Democratic State Senators in Wisconsin have been forced to leave the state in order to stop Governor Walker's radical attack on worker's rights.

Now, Gov. Walker has order state police to hunt them down, and force their return to Madison for a vote on his bill.

The fight in Wisconsin affects all of us. And this is a crucial moment to show solidarity with the State Senators as they continue their courageous stand to protect workers.

Tell Wisconsin's Democratic State Senators they have your support.

If you haven't been following the incredible events in Wisconsin, here's the background.

Last Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker launched an all-out attack on public employees by threatening to eliminate collective bargaining rights that have existed for 50 years.

In response, thousands of peaceful protesters have gathered at the state capitol for the last 5 days -- even after the Governor threatened to use the National Guard against them -- demanding the legislature to hear their plea and oppose this assault on Wisconsin's workforce.

Ignoring this massive outcry, Gov. Walker doubled down and pushed his Republican majority in the State Senate to approve his dangerous bill. To prevent the vote on the bill, Democratic State Senators vacated the state capitol and prevented the Senate from achieving quorum -- the minimum number of Senators required to conduct official business.

And as long as the senate fails to meet quorum, Gov. Walker's bill cannot be debated or approved by Republicans and, and there remains a chance to defeat it.

Yesterday, Senator Chris Larson, who is one of the Senator's in hiding, laid out the stakes in an open letter and asked for our support:

"The ability to organize and get fair treatment are qualities that built our country...If this bill moves forward in Wisconsin, rights in all America we have grown to take for granted will no longer be so reliable... If this passes here, it will pass in your state...It is an unprecedented attack on workers, their communities and our tradition of working with labor to move our state forward...I am seeking your support for the fight ahead of us."

Larson, and his fellow Democratic Senators, are literally working to evade capture by state police in order to prevent this radical erosion of the rights that millions of workers in this country rely on.

They must continue their fight. Please, let them know that they have your support.

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