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Petitioning ZoCo Productions Dr. Mehmet Oz and The Dr. Oz Show Production Team

Thank “The Dr. Oz Show” for Groundbreaking Coverage of Transgender Children and Their Families


This petition serves to express our thanks to "The Dr. Oz Show" for their February 18th segment on transgender children and their families, which has set a new standard for conversations about transgender-related topics on American daytime talk shows.

Please join GLAAD and Trans Youth Family Allies in thanking Dr. Mehmet Oz and his show's producers for ensuring that these children and their families were represented in such a rich, meaningful, and respectful manner.  While the episode's promotional footage and on-screen visuals left room for much improvement, the segment's actual content offered an exemplary discussion of transgender identity, and refrained from an intrusive focus on anatomy.

It is just as important that we praise media professionals for their good work as it is that we critique their coverage when it misses the mark.

Signing this letter will help generate more respectful discussion of transgender topics in the future.

For further information about the episode, please read our blog posts at

Letter to
ZoCo Productions Dr. Mehmet Oz and The Dr. Oz Show Production Team
I was very happy to see your February 18th episode featuring transgender children and their families. Your coverage presented the children and their families in a very fair and meaningful manner, and I would like to express my sincere thanks for the new standard of excellence you have set for discussing transgender-related topics on national television.

Your conversations with the guests were candid yet respectful, and your questions clarified important aspects of transgender identity without being intrusive. This segment is the first of its kind to illustrate transgender identities and experiences in a rich, multi-layered approach, and as a supporter of transgender rights, I applaud your work.

While your promotional materials and choice of on-screen visuals needed improvement, we appreciate the overall sensitivity and thoughtfulness your creative team demonstrated in producing this segment. I hope to see more Dr. Oz episodes covering the LGBT community in such a respectful, inclusive and accurate way in the future.