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Thank Orrin Hatch for Supporting the DREAM Act and Ask Him to Cosponsor

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch was one of the original sponsors of the DREAM Act when it was first introduced in 2001 but he has not sponsored the legislation in this session of Congress.

However, he did speak positively on it at a townhall meeting this past Wednesday. Thank him for standing up for the DREAM Act and ask the respectable Senator to show his support by cosponsoring the legislation.

Letter to
Chief of Staff, Senator Hatch Jace N. Johnson
Legislatie Director, Senator Hatch Chris Campbell
Senator Orrin Hatch
I would like to thank Senator Orrin Hatch for supporting the DREAM Act at a recent town hall in Layton and also ask the Senator to take the next step in co-sponsoring the legislation, currently in the 111th Congress as S.729.

As you may know, Senator Hatch is one of the original sponsors of the DREAM Act, which would create a pathway to legalization for thousands of young students who were brought to the United States years ago as children. If Congress fails to act this year, another entire class of outstanding, law-abiding high school students will graduate without being able to plan for the future, and some will be removed from their homes to countries they barely know.

This tragedy will cause America to lose a vital asset: an educated class of promising immigrant students who have demonstrated a commitment to hard work and a strong desire to be contributing members of our society.

Please ask Senator Hatch to co-sponsor the legislation by contacting Senators Richard Durbin or Richard Lugar in the Senate, and help pass it into law this year.