Establish a functional traffic signal at busy junctions!

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Since the childhood we are taught about the traffic signals and what it implies. Red means Stop, Yellow means Wait & Get ready and Green means Go. But the learning has lost its meaning as at some places it only flashes one color – Yellow – wait till you find a way to cross the junction!

Those living in Thane would be able to relate with the plight I am sharing. They must aware of the Nitin Junction which also leads to the famous mall in thane - Korum Mall. NItin Junction is known to be one of the busiest junctions of Thane west but it lacks ‘functional’ traffic signal which puts the local commuter’s life at risk. I have mentioned ‘functional’ because you can see the signal however it always flashes ‘orange’. Due to this, at the intersection, where four roads meet, you will always witness traffic jam – that has become a daily occurrence now and you will find people wasting their precious time which they could have spent with their family.

I am a mother of 3 years old and we drive through the Nitin Junction almost every day. We often apprise the little one about traffic rules which he expects us to follow. But at this junction we remain mum as we want to avoid  responding  to his obvious question – why are you not following green light as there is none – For him only ‘green’ means ‘Go’.

On weekends, 3-4 traffic police personal manage the traffic but on weekdays, it feels like you are playing a video game. Find your own way but avoid any hits. But unlike in the game – in case you happen to meet with a serious accident (which is very likely) – you are OUT forever! During peak hours and times when the light is dim, motorists and pedestrians try to navigate the junction, each following their own set of rules. At one or two instances we were just about to get hit . Once we had hit a biker but fortunately nobody was injured. However that incident has found a place in my kid’s memory. Very often he asks – Papa, here we had hit the motor bike that day! We feel bad as we want to create good memories for him. 

While going through the internet, I realized many have raised this concern but still civic authorities have shown not much concern.

We also tried to complaint to concerned authority (at the email id mentioned on website) but got delivery failure notice.

This is not the story of only Thane - nitin junction or Maharashtra but many other cities or states.

Therefore I request the concerned authority to establish a functional traffic signal at busy junctions of all tier 1 and tier 2 tier cities (where you have more traffic) so that we can reach home safely and spend quality time.

It will only happen if we ask for it. So sign my petition and get your voice heard.

Let the traffic signals show its true colors!


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