Saving Urban Open spaces

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Healthy Cities make Healthy Citizens . While development is a continuous process and is necessary it should not be at the cost of open public spaces which are getting rare and rarer in urban India .

The Maidan has a historic as well as cultural importance for the citizens of Thane . While its used by kids for playing during the day , it comes alive during festive seasons and is a stage for showcasing thane citys cultural and historical legacy .

I am taking a stand regarding parking structure at  Gaondevi maidan. We feel that the only open space in Naupada Thane City  will not remain the same . We are certainly not against any development or parking but not at the cost of the only remaining open space

I support Dr Mahesh Bedekar in his PIL vs State against proposed Gaondevi Maidan underground parking scheduled for first hearing on 18/04 with Hon Chief Justice Bombay High Court

Lets save the only open space available for kids in Naupada Thane City .