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Remove From Thame Town Plan the Development of The Elms in Thame, Oxfordshire

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By signing this petition you are supporting the case against the developement of Elms Field in Thame, Oxfordshire.  In order to stop development, The Elms must be removed from Thame Town Plan through a second referendum.

We the undersigned ask that Thame town Council and South Oxfordshire District Council remove The Elms from Thame Town Plan through the holding of a second referendum.

Our reasons for this are as follows:

1 - Since the greening of Thame is stated in the draft plan to be a desired objective, it is inappropriate to consider development of the Elms field site. This land adjoins Thame's recreation park and is an open space which both favourably impacts on the atmosphere and apparent size of Elm Park. It represents a lung for Thame.Elms field, and the park itself are defined as Important Open space within the conservation area. They should continue to be private and public open space respectively and perhaps additional planting of specimen trees encouragedin the former.

2 - It is misleading to designate Elms field as a “windfall” site when in reality it is an open space which has fallen into the hands of a developer. Sufficient land for development in Thame had been identified already and there is neither need nor benefit from an additional site.

3 - Apart from impact on Elms Park the proposal to build on Elms field has a massive impact on those houses along Upper High Street, Park Street and Nelson Street, which overlook the field.

4 - The sewage, water, gas and electricity systems currently in place will not accommodate additional loading. Upgrading all these services would be highly disruptive, over a long period, and in a location already subject to traffic congestion.
Provision of such services on the virgin sites originally proposed by SODC is not a problem.

5 - Southern Road and Nelson Street are already subject to heavy congestion through serving not only their own houses but also traffic emanating from Broadwaters Estate, Windmill Road and many other streets in the area. A higher volume of traffic will be intolerable and would also cause additional and unnecessary traffic in the town centre, particularly during rush hours.
Thame Town Council recently recommended refusal on a proposed development of new houses on Southern Road, on the basis of the added congestion which would arise.
It would be illogical therefore to approve several times this number of houses on The Elms field.

6 - Any new development should be limited to the sites previously identified, all of which provide easy access to the ring road, enabling new residents going to work in Oxford or Aylesbury, or needing to get to Thame/Haddenham station, to avoid the town centre.

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