Tuition refund (Partial Refund on Tuition and Parking)

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Majority of the students at Texas Woman's University have paid or will eventually pay full tuition prices for Spring 2020. However, TWU has decided to extend spring break due to the outbreak of a virus and continue on with the rest of the semester online. It is only fair that the students get partial refund on tuition for the difference between face-to-face and an online class. Along with tuition, many students are commuters who have already paid for parking stickers, which they will not be using for the rest of the semester. We suggest that students get a partial refund on their parking stickers or that TWU extends the validity of the current parking sticker onto the next semester (Fall 2020).

It would be unjust if students have to keep their dorms or apartments they WILL NOT USE and continue to pay for those unused services. 

TO MANY STUDENTS, keeping their dorm/meal plans is another loan, and to some students, they simply could not afford in troubling times to maintain an apartment lease. 

TX residents: 

TX Property Code Title 8. Landlord and Tenant. Chapter 91. Provisions generally applicable to landlords and tenants.

Quoted: §91.006. "Landlord's duty to mitigate damages.

(a) A landlord has a duty to mitigate damages if a tenant abandons the leased premises in violation of the lease.

(b) A provision of a lease that purports to waive a right or to exempt a landlord from a liability or duty under this section is void.

As stated in the Property Code, it is the obligation of the LANDLORD to find a way to mitigate damages and therefore, the tenant cannot be held liable for the remaining amount in full.


For the greater good of the GENERAL public, urge landlords to allow leases to be voided. Universities should refund unused dorm rooms during times of national emergency to allow students to be financial stable and secure as the nation goes through troubles.

If Harvard and others can do it, so can any other public university. To keep services running and not have anyone actively taking up the dorm space is unjust.