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Make bestiality illegal.


Bestiality is immoral and causes undo suffering to animals. It also creates an unnatural opportunity for the acquisition of new viral diseases.

Please make the passage of a bill to outlaw sexual activities with animals a crime, along with possession of bestiality pornography a priority next session.

In the last few years Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota, Washington, and Alaska have all outlawed this abuse by passing similar legislation.

Bestiality is more common than people would like to think as evidenced by the wide spread sex porn on the net. Animals can't talk and report sexual assaults.

Committing this crime and corrupting minors through availability of animal porn on the internet is not part of free speech. This reflects poorly on society as a whole-people watching bestiality videos could lead to the real thing: Bestiality recordings are very epidemic all over America. These animals are small, and can't report to the police that they were cruelly abused.

So, join me in calling on the State Legislature and Governor of Texas to make the practice of bestiality illegal in the State of Texas. Then we can focus on making this horrible practice illegal throughout the country!

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