Protect Texas families by voting for HB 549 as is.

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Texas is a state built around the premise there is no unit more important than the family. Rep. Eric Johnson's (Dallas) HB 549 would preserve and restore (in facilities that have already ended in-person visits) face-to-face visitation for family members whose loved one is incarcerated in a county jail.

HB 549 has been placed on the Texas House Calendar Today Friday, May 8th. Unfortunately the Sheriff's association and other special interest groups that seek to make profit off the backs of those who can least afford it are using legislative tricks to keep the bill where it is. If the bill stays much longer it will die, leaving thousands of families across this great state in peril of losing in-person visitation.

Nothing can replace seeing someone in-person. Whether its Skype, FaceTime, or other forms of video chatting, no one would suggest these are even remotely the same as sitting across from a person, looking into their eyes, and having a conversation.

When people are incarcerated in our jails, the same is true, visitation by video is no substitute for maintaining strong vibrant relationships on both sides of the jail walls.

Counties across the state have entered into contracts with companies that force the jail to restrict and often strip families abilities to see their loved ones. People could spend weeks, months, even years, never actually being able to see their son, daughter, father, mother.

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Please contact your Representative today!!! Thursday May 7 in support of House Bill 549 - continuing face-to-face visits in county jails. 

To find out who your State Representative is and their contact information, visit “Who Represents Me” at

Below is a sample phone script you can use (or whatever you feel comfortable with).

Hi, my name is …………… and I would like to ask my Representative, Rep. ………….. to support House Bill 549 which is scheduled to be heard on the House Floor on Friday May 8.

HB 549 will guarantee that families will be able to continue face-to-face visits with their loved ones who are in a county jail.

When people are incarcerated in our jails, visitation by video is no substitute when trying to maintain strong family relationships and supporting a loved one until they are allowed to return home.

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