Stop the killing of greyhounds in Texas

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Greyhounds are being injured and destroyed at Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas. Please sign our petition to the Texas Racing Commission demanding a full investigation into the skyrocketing number of dogs suffering at this aging racetrack. Even as we work to end dog racing, it is important to protect the greyhounds now caught up in this cruel industry.

Since 2008, 2,635 dogs have been injured and 114 dogs have died at Gulf. These numbers are increasing despite the reduction of the racing season from twelve months to just a few weeks per year. On March 20, a dog named Pizza Man Dan was killed after his tongue was lacerated by the metal of his cage. Three other dogs were killed after they broke their legs while racing. For this, they paid with their lives.

Join us in calling for an end to the terrible treatment of these dogs! The Texas Racing Commission should investigate, determine the cause of injuries and improve track conditions immediately. Most of all, killing healthy dogs with treatable injuries should never be permitted again.