Eliminate the "Prone Position" Restraint and Push for Judicial Reform

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This is a petition to encourage Governor Abbott and lawmakers in Austin to disband the use of the “Prone Position” restraint. We understand that most law enforcement agencies do not condone this deadly maneuver, but some officers see it as a viable way to restrain a suspect. We believe that police encounters should be reasonable, proportional, and use necessary force but only to effectively and safely resolve a conflict.


The “prone position” is seen as a deadly neck hold, and it should be prohibited. We support stiff penalties and consequences for police misconduct during an arrest.  We believe “prone position” should be identified as horizontal lynching. A 100 years ago Blacks were hung on trees in America; nowadays, as in George Floyd’s case in MN 2020 and Tony Timpa case in Dallas 2016, the “lynching” occurred on the ground with the knee on the back of the neck. This deadly position clearly obstructs normal breathing patterns and will cause death to an arrestee.


Also, we are demanding that SOP’s should be upgraded to identify mental illness calls, abolish No Knock Entries, and require officers to intervene when other officers are inappropriately using force. In addition, other positive reforms would be releasing of body camera footage in a timely manner, preventing racial profiling and police interventions solely based on “suspicion” of ones color or other aspects of their identity, awarding more money in lawsuits that are considered race related at the hands of law enforcement, and identifying officer that are prone to misconduct in a national database. 


So, we are calling on members of our communities throughout the State of Texas, to sign your name below to eliminate unnecessary force by law enforcement and to revamp our criminal justice system