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Ban Pet Stores from selling Puppies and Kittens

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Pet stores that sell Puppies and Kittens are in humane. No Puppy should live its first few growing years in a tiny box. No social time with other puppies, no where to run and build muscle. No way to grow normally. No one to love them. Not only this but most of the puppies in pet stores come from Puppy mills. They are poorly bred and can have serious help issues later in life, not only from breeding but also from spending up to 2 months in a small change in a pet shop. 

I recently visited a Pet Shop which had 4 giant breed dogs in their display cases. The dogs were very underweight and several had a cough and/or green runny eyes. They were teething but had nothing to teeth on. When I was able to 'visit' with them they seemed lethargic. One clung to me, just wanting to be hugged. She hid behind me when the worker came back to get her.

The worker told me all puppies are put on anti anxiety meds when they arrive and stay on them until adopted, to keep them calm in the shop. When people walk in the workers go into the back of the kennel and start whistling so all the dogs wake up and dont look drugged. 

This type of treatment should be illegal! Please help us show Texas Law Makers that we do NOT want pet stores that sell puppies and kitten in our state! We do not support Puppy Mills and we want harsher punishment for animal abuse and neglect. Pet stores should only be allowed to host pets that come from rescues and shelters and never have any animal in their store for more than 3 days in a row. They should be able to take a break, go to a loving environment, and walk run play outside. 

Please stand up for these puppies who have no voice. Sign Share and contact your local city to get laws in place to protect these animals. Thank you from all the puppies thatdie or suffer at the hands of greedy puppy mills and pet shops. 

Goal is 100,000 signatures! 

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