Support Monica's Law: Protective Order Registry Texas HB 629

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Monica Nielsen Deming was a beautiful 32 year old single mom. On November 29, 2015, Monica's ex boyfriend, Brandon Leyva, broke into her house and brutally shot her to death. After her murder, Monica's family learned that Leyva had a history of accusations by women of family violence. Two women previously filed protective orders against him in 2003 and 2012.

In an article by the Odessa American newspaper, details of Brandon Leyva's prior violence against women in the 2003 and 2012 protective orders were revealed.  The following is an excerpt from that article: In one case, the woman wrote in an affidavit that Leyva “pulled me off the bed and dragged me down the hall into the front yard,” causing bruises and other injuries. He “has had sexual intercourse with me when I was asleep.” She wrote that she was diabetic and Leyva “tells me that he will turn the pump off while I am asleep and release more insulin. He knows that this can cause diabetic coma and even death. He tells me that he will do this because there will be no evidence that he did it.” The harassment she described went on to include threats to shoot her, threatening to publicly display nude pictures of her, threatening to have friends follow her, threatening her parents and calling her work.“I fear for my life as well as the lives of my family,” wrote the woman.

Monica had no clue about Leyva's frightening history. In the beginning of their relationship he played the role of the perfect boyfriend.  After being in the relationship for 10 months, Monica got fed up with his inability to hold a job and his growing emotional manipulation tactics, so she ended their relationship. Leyva managed to hide his dangerous side until post break-up, when he began stalking and harassing her daily before ultimately murdering her 5 weeks later.

Please support Texas State Representative Brooks Landgraf's bill,"Monica's Law," in an effort to create a public searchable protective order registry in Texas.  Information is an immensely powerful thing and can alert women and men to dangerous individuals prior to getting into a relationship with them. Monica's family prays that through her story and "Monica's law" others will be saved.

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