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Texas House of Representatives: Create a law that emergency vets have to treat sick animals regardless of whether owners can pay

When a human goes to an emergency room, that medical facility is legally obligated to treat that person regardless of whether or not they can pay the bill for treatment. Currently, there is no such law in place for emergency veterinary hospitals, and animals frequently die because owners are turned away due to their inability to pay the facility at the time of services rendered. Emergency veterinary hospitals often present a bill to the owner before they even assess the animal, and will leave the sick/injured animal to die if the owner cannot pay at that time. Why should we treat animals- our pets, our family members- as less than we treat human beings? Don't they deserve the same standard of care that a person does? How can a veterinarian, a doctor, simply leave an animal to die because of money? This has happened to my family more than once. It happened to us very recently with our cat, Cole Porter. He was diagnosed with a diabetic crisis that came on very suddenly. Unfortunately, this happened on a weekend. He became very sick very quickly, over a Friday night. On Saturday morning, we tried to take him to an emergency vet to have him treated. The vet didn't even see him before presenting us with a bill for over two thousand dollars, which we could not possibly pay. We argued with him, but he refused to treat Cole, and by that time Cole's kidneys were failing. He began to go into multi-system organ failure, and he died soon after. This was a completely unnecessary death. If he had been given the insulin and IV fluids he needed in time, he could have come out of the diabetic crisis. If there was a law that required the vet to treat him, he would have lived.

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United States Texas House of Representatives Agriculture and Livestock Committee
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Create a law that requires emergency veterinary hospitals to treat sick and injured animals regardless of whether or not the owner can pay