Shut down the Palm Valley Animal Center

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Palm Valley Animal Center brands itself as 90% no-kill animal shelter, but according to my reasearch they put down a minimum of 3 animals a day. While I was scrolling through their Rescue List I saw that they gave a mother and her newborn kittens a DAY to get adopted or else they would all be euthanized. This shelter also has very bad health standards, a picture of a dog on the rescue list (same picture used for this petition) shows a German Shepard who looked very dirty and unhealthy in a filthy cage coved in dirt and pee on the floor. I have yet to visit this facility, as it is quite a few hours from me, and do my own reasearch. From what I’ve seen online  this facility has already been fined for various reasons, I strongly belive that if we shut PVAC down we can transfer the animals to a safer, no-kill shelter, where they can have a second chance at a new life.