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Make Paternity Fraud a Felony and help protect innocent Men and Their Families.

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My name is Gabriel Cornejo from Cypress Texas , in 2002 I was supposedly Served papers for child support in March. To be clear this girl and I where not dating or a item , we prob saw each other twice in 1998. since in Texas its not required to sign a service the state can't provide me a signature proving I was served so now it's my word against an officer , which are known for leaving papers with anybody without asking for Proper identification or even being you . Well this was not my address and I never received it , then since I was already served it makes perfect since for the state to serve me again in august when I was working in Puerto Rico, and I can prove it . Basically I was never served , so some judge decided I was the dad in 2002 by default without my DNA or me being present, there goes the right to a fair trial and also the right to defend myself . If that doesn't sound like a violation on my rights then what does ? . Fast forward to 2016 , I was served for the first time , I contact the mother with open arms we took a parternity test and I am 0% the father , she pretended to be sorry even apologized for it and said she was ready to sign to end this madness but a week later she hired a attorney to fight to make me pay . She said she knew I was not the father but there is a judge order and the money has to be paid to them ,,,,,,,,,,, the humanity , and whats sad is the the law protects this heartless godless person . I have spend money in attorney fees and now I am contemplating paying 64k for a Daughter that's not even mine . Wow sounds like a nightmare right , well is not, It's a fact and a law not only allows it but ignores the crime being Committed, Now this is true justice . Innocent Men and their families suffer when they are named off by a dishonest opportunistic woman to obtain welfare services for their children fraudulently, while the state knowing the DNA result not being the father still allows And enforces this unfair burden on innocent men , is this even possible ?, Is this even real ?. yes it is , in ,fact There are too many cases, on all levels for this type of action on behalf of the perpitrator. It goes against the, Constitutional Values of the United States, and against honest working taxpaing citizens of the United States, when a person tricks the system for selfish gain. Please read the petition, which contains the remedy towards the culprits who plan to use Paternity Fraud to their own personal gain, they name a father off and also goes against the best interest of the child at hand, to not know who their father really is. This petition calls all States, all Courts, and all people to consider this rising issue, which now has fallen in the demand to be dealt with. We are petitioning the lawmakers themselves and every one of them at this time. To stop letting women take advantage of not paternal men that have no fault of their actions . Paternity Fraud is a woman's way of taking advantage of a non paternal man Using and abusing a broken legal system forcing innocent men biologically not tied to their child at all to pay huge amount of money with the threat of jail time . This is incredible ,It is also Felony Fraud at its finest. It is said that Paternity Fraud is the perfect crime, its legal robbery and the PERP. cannot get into trouble for it ,and courts not seeing the damage that a single person causes a entire family with no Ties to them . There are no words for this injustice and for the women using this as a opportunity to gain without caring about the damage on other families .

We need to hold them accountable for these illegal actions in the United States, any system that allows a thief to walk into your house and take from your children without any punishment is a broken system . and we all know the child support system is the most prejudiced and discriminatory system put in place , we need to show the meaning of the word RIGHTS. Rights also pertain to a man's personal dignity, well being, his right to pursue happiness, his right to reach for dreams, the right to a fair trial. Well, guess what, it is time that Paternity Fraud become a law, a Criminal Law, that any woman caught is to be punished. Just because a child is invilved, does not mean that women have the right to hold a child over one's head. This is NOT a sexist cause, as some will try and claim, but rather, this is about, being a person, they demand you be productive then take away the tools of your productivity, this is wrong, men who are innocent should not suffer in the hands of women who are dishonest.
This epidemic has led to thousands upon millions of unjustly arrested men, who seek nothing more than to live a good life. To seek their goals and aspirations, paternity fraud stomps on the constitution in fact, it goes arbitrarily to the constitution, its time something be done. This epidemic, this scam, this fraud by deviant women, has come to a bursting point in this nation, and its time something that counts be done. Please sign the petition today. This is not a cry out for support from man this is a cry out for support from people with human values and morals to stop these heartless people from hurting any more families and put a end to this madness . Together we can

I am a father of three with no way to fight back the system and the horrible person not caring about the damage she is causing to my family

I see a cause in this, I am prepared to go to jail for how ever long I must but people like this must not be allowed to ruin lives anymore and if the state of Texas feels Is right to separate a good loving husband from his family to serve The evil purpose of this person , then god is my judge and I fear no amount of time . I know In my heart I've done no wrong and stand by it . God is my shepherd and I will fear no evil . But this much I promise people will know the injustice being done and we will bring light to this broken system and the shameless people feeding of it with protection and rights. .


I am not stopping till i get to a national level . We are humans not animals , our voices will not be silenced

Simcerly yours

Gabriel Cornejo

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