Help stop the rampant animal abuse in Texas

Help stop the rampant animal abuse in Texas

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Started by Donna Lynch

I have been in animal rescue my whole life, I have also lived in Texas my whole life. One thing is absolutely clear, our state does not care about the rampant animal abuse and neglect. I have been dealing with several flea markets and backyard breeders where they are selling extremely abused, starved, sick, and neglected dogs. Even with the help from multiple rescue groups we cannot stop this without law change. What is going on here in our state is horrific.

People are allowed to sell and constantly breed and abuse dogs with no consequences. I and multiple others have contacted law enforcement in Liberty County and the police won't even go look at the situation. We need law change and law enforcement to stop this issue. There are so many rescues and shelters in our state and they are constantly full because of the never ending breeding of dogs and because of people impulsively buying a dog they are not prepared for. In Texas thousands upon thousands of people are breeding dogs constantly. Usually right after a puppy is sold from a flea market or backyard breeder, they die or get really sick. Because no one is enforcing these breeders to not abuse and neglect these dogs. I have so many photos from these flea markets and back yard breeders.

These dogs are kept in these conditions

  1. shopping carts
  2. tiny cages under chicken cages
  3. with open wounds
  4. dying of heat stroke
  5. starvation
  6. parasite and insect infestaion
  7. diseases
  8. hit, kicked, punched, dragged around by ropes around their necks.
  9. without food or water in 100 degree weather
  10. covered in so many mats in their fur it takes a week to groom them
  11. sitting in their own waste and other animals waste for days

These are just a few of the conditions we've encountered. This past Sunday someone went passed one of these flea markets to see if the issues is still happening and she took photos of dead animals and animals with open wounds out in public being sold. I have shared the photos and situations across multiple social media platforms.

One thing is clear, we cannot stop this until our government and authorities pass laws and enforce laws to make this stop and for people to face consequences for these actions. If a police officer is called to investigate somewhere where someone is abusing and selling horribly abused and sick animals they should at least go look at the situation, especially after so many reports. 

Please help us make change!

-Donna L 

33,278 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!