July 2, 2020
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Started by FBISD Victims

FBISD has had MANY sexual harassment and assault cases that have rarely, if ever, been properly taken care of. From Austin High School to Elkins High School, very often, these harassment cases are either ignored or the bare minimum is done - it's even gotten to the point where schools have swept the cases under the rug and left it to the students to spread the word about the potential danger they face.

The biggest case TO DATE that hasn't been addressed is that of Ryan Fawal, class of 2021, at Stephen F Austin High School. He has been sexually harassing his peers and underclassmen online and in-person ever since eighth grade when he was in Sartartia Middle School (over four years), and continues to this day.

Over 50 individuals all over the district have attested to his predatory behavior, including but not limited to:

  1. Threatening to commit suicide and self harm if a person does not provide him sexual favors
  2. Sending unsolicited genitalia pictures and videos multiple times to multiple girls (child pornography
  3. Admitting to having sexual “deals” with at least 48 other individuals from both Travis High School and Elkins High School
  4. Causing significant mental and physical distress to multiple individuals who tried to say no to his advances by emotionally manipulating them (with suicide, self harm, depression, loneliness, no friends, etc)
  5. Persistently stalking girls using multiple social media accounts even when explicitly told to stop
  6. Offering large sums of money (up to $400) to girls to send nudes and/or pictures of their feet. When they give in to his persistent harassment, he never pays them (scams people)
  7. Pressuring girls to meet with him face-to-face (to take advantage of them) as opposed to doing “deals” online
  8. Sending girls disturbing and explicit messages about his sexual fantasies involving the girls
  9. Eliciting significant threats to comfort and safety at Stephen F Austin High School by staring at girls’ feet and bodies, causing many to have to adjust their wardrobe (which is in dress code) in order to not feel violated, as well as avoiding the bus he rides just so he can not approach them
  10. Gaslighting victims and emotionally manipulating them to feel like they are in the wrong for rejecting his predatory behavior or calling him out on his harassment
  11. Manipulating individuals who try to reach out to him and check up on his health by threatening them with suicide and self harm

An Instagram account by the name of @fbisd_victims has been compiling multiple stories and screenshots from individuals all over the district willing to speak up about how they have been harassed and threatened by Ryan Fawal.

We are also deeply concerned for his safety and mental well-being, as he has expressed multiple times that he has issues from self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Please reach out to him and deploy a professional to help him, as he will only try to prey on students who have tried to help him.

He has also been reported to AHS before by many individuals, but nothing was done about it.

His behavior has drastically become a lot worse and predatory after four years of preying on susceptible and young girls. If his behavior is not stopped, he will only continue to prey on more innocent people with no remorse (as he has been doing for the past four years). We want to hold him accountable for his actions and give him consequences for his behavior.

Along with delivering the proper consequences (I.E his behavior being put on his PUBLIC RECORD, the evidence against him remaining public for colleges to see, a formal apology to each and every one of his victims, and proper therapy to fix his behavior.), we hope to bring forth an actual change in the FBISD sexual harassment policy or force schools to take it more seriously as this sort of behavior should not be condoned. If being suspended from a fight is more detrimental than sexual harassment on someone's record, then it's a problem.

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Signatures: 2,172Next Goal: 2,500
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