Express your Support for the Livable Oak Hill Parkway Alternative

Express your Support for the Livable Oak Hill Parkway Alternative

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Save Oak Hill started this petition to Texas Department of Transportation and

TxDOT proposes a massive twelve-lane excavated and elevated super-highway (US 290 / SH 71) near the “Y” in Oak Hill that would permanently divide our community, ruin Williamson Creek and threaten Barton Springs.

The community has a better alternative. We need your help to tell TxDOT that you too support the people’s plan.

Our ‘Livable Oak Hill’ concept would improve traffic flows and reduce congestion at the Y – while preserving Williamson Creek, heritage trees, historic resources, and Barton Springs.

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More Background Information:

TxDOT’s proposal for US 290 in southwest Austin will be extremely costly. Construction is expected to cost over $789 million (source: CAMPO 2040 Plan), taking years to complete. Their plans would:

Remove 287 heritage trees, many over a hundred years old
Damage Williamson Creek water quality with more erosion and downstream flooding
Increase traffic congestion and delay during construction
Harm local air quality and increase greenhouse gas emissions
Impair access to shopping and neighborhoods
Cause noise and visual blight from a mile-long elevated freeway
Dig deep into limestone rock for 2.65 miles with associated land disturbance, noise, and dust

A citizen sponsored alternative—the Livable Oak Hill plan—would be less expensive, offering quicker construction time than TxDOT’s plan.

Livable Oak Hill connects neighborhoods, schools, and businesses with a parkway (a ground-level, six lane road facility operating at freeway speeds), as well as to other local surface roads and trails.

Crucially, a new Oak Hill Boulevard would enable local traffic to bypass the parkway and access employment, shopping, education, and recreation opportunities without adding congestion to 290/71.

The Livable Oak Hill plan can also accommodate a future rapid transit line to connect southwest Austin with downtown (already in official government plans like Project Connect and Imagine Austin).

The concept allows redevelopment of an "Oak Hill Old Town," taking advantage of a concentration of historic buildings near Patton Ranch Road. Additionally, redevelopment of the shopping centers at the 'Y' can include more walkable public spaces, all accessible with the new local road and trails.

The proposal creates a new Oak Hill Greenbelt instead of bulldozing ancient oak trees along the creek, as TxDOT proposes. The Livable Oak Hill alternative gives access to natural open spaces for an area currently deemed parkland deficient. A new Williamson Creek Trail could also create active, safe transportation options located away from high emission roadways and dangerous highway crossings.

For more information, visit, Save Oak Hill's website.

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If you want to get more involved, please come and speak at the following meetings to express your support for the Livable Oak Hill Alternative:

CAMPO Meeting - On, Monday January 14th, 6 pm, Room 3.102, Joe C. Thompson Center, University of Texas Campus.Tell CAMPO to vote to exclude funding for TxDOT's proposal from the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment.  

Austin City Council- January 31st- Vote on Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TxDOT regarding watershed protection. Tell council that to pass a MOU with TxDOT that meets the stricter watershed protection requirements requested by Save Oak Hill and others environmental organizations. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!