Add More Safety Precautions to the Railroad Crossings

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On January 25th, 2019, an Athens ISD bus was struck by an oncoming train trying to cross the railroad tracks at the crossing of Cream Level Rd. Sadly this resulted in injuries to a little girl, and the death of a middle school boy. This story has truly reached the hearts of everyone in Henderson County.

However, we feel like the blame for this tragedy has been misplaced. Henderson County DA is charging the bus driver for Injury to a Child and Manslaughter/Criminally Negligent Homicide. 

The issue with this accident is that there are not enough railroad crossing alerts at this crossing. Sadly this is NOT the only crossing in Athens that does NOT have any alerts to notify those crossing the tracks that there is a train coming.

The problem is there is a curve at this crossing, and the train was traveling around that curve and then hit the bus as the bus was struggling to cross the railroad tracks. As we all know, it takes a lot to get a bus up over a small hill to be able to cross these tracks, and unfortunately, this particular crossing is on a small hill. 

There needs to be more warnings put in place to let those crossing know that there is a train so far away from that crossing so we know not to cross the railroad tracks. All that is at this crossing is a sign. No lights, no bars. NOTHING!

How many people have to be injured or killed at this crossing or any other crossing in the cities in Henderson County before TxDOT will do anything about it??

We need to take action now. For our safety and the safety of our children. Because guess what? That bus still has to cross that track every school day to drop those kids off, and any other buses crossing tracks also have to do that too. We need to speak up for those who can't anymore.




PS I promise to do everything in my power to get this changed. Once we have a significant amount of signatures on this petition, I will take this to the responsible parties and show them that we need to address this matter now, not when we could face another tragedy again. Thank you for your time.


Photo by Brian Barker care of Athens Daily Review published article: