Highway 380- Safety Changes

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Highway 380 is deadly. Due to the lack of street lights, police monitoring, turn lanes and frontage roads people are dying. Within a week alone on a small stretch of 380, two young adults lost their lives and in another accident the residents and businesses along with 380 corridor lost their electricity for hours. The lack of a police presence along the highway along with sparse stoplights promotes unsafe driving and street racing.

The more than 2,000 residents of Savannah do not have access to a street light to pull onto Highway 380. They are required to pull into oncoming traffic where the speed limit is 60-70 miles per hour and wait in the "suicide lane" to merge into the traffic.

The children who live in Union Park and the surrounding areas are required to cross 4 lanes of traffic with only a cross-light on Highway 380 to attend Braswell High School or Navo Middle School.

To visit the businesses along the Highway 380 corridor, specifically on the Denton County side, you are required to pull onto the small shoulder to pull into the businesses which is unsafe for all motorists.

The hundreds of residents of the Mansions on 380 do not have access to a street light to pull in or out of their residences.

The thousands of residents of Artestia do not have access to a street light to pull in or out of their neighborhood safely onto 380.

The lack of retaining walls along 380 causes cars to drift over into oncoming traffic, people use these median lanes to drive unsafely and cut through traffic and multiple head-on collisions in the "suicide lane".

These issues are not only causing multiple accidents including fatality accidents along Highway 380 but it is affecting the residents mental well being, values of their homes, the inability to sell their residences and area businesses profits are suffering.

We are requesting the following:
1) More local city/community police and Texas State Highway Patrol presence along Highway 380.
2) Retaining walls put up along areas of 380 that stop traffic from drifting into oncoming traffic.
3) Traffic studies done along area of Savannah, area apartment complexes and Artesia to implement traffic lights in these areas.
4) Repaint street lines to make lanes and dividers more clear to drivers.
5) Build frontage roads along 380 especially in residential areas and around local business so that people can pull in and out safely.