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Texas Department of Criminal Justice Policy on Inmates Making Phone Calls to Cellphones

This petition is an effort to change TDCJ policies on the phones systems used in prisons and jails in Texas.

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The fact that TDCJ disallows phone calls to be made to cell phones creates an unnecessary financial hardship on families of inmates in the system. The fees associated with long distance phone calls from inmates are already exorbitant, bordering on criminal. For example, a 15 minute phone call from Fort Worth, TX to Nashville, TN costs $24.00. To a cell phone which has an 817 area code, the phone call is $4.13...quite a difference. The county jails allow this but not TDCJ. Why is this? Why is it alright to put this additional financial burden on these families? I find this policy not only incredibly grievous, malicious and disturbingly greedy of the TDCJ but unconscionably wrong.

Considering that 96% of the United State's population use cell phones and about 14.5 percent of adults (or 32 million Americans,) live in wireless-only households. The number is probably higher for families with a relative who is incarcerated, considering these families are more than likely lower income families and wireless has simply become less expensive and more convenient.

I am requesting an inquiry into this lecherous practice of bleeding what little money these families have, simply to make a profit. Not only are the telephone contractors of these TDCJ institutions criminal in their phone charges but the TDCJ policies allow it and encourage it by disallowing the ability for inmates to call cellphones.

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