Petition to cancel online and in person classes due to dangerous weather and power outages

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The entire country is currently facing a frigid polar vortex delivering dangerously cold temperatures across the nation, in the midst of the largest public health crisis of our lifetime. Here in Texas, residents are faced with constantly slick roads, freezing temperatures, and a frigid, unforgiving wind.

Although TCU has cancelled in person classes , it is continuing to insist on virtual learning, claiming that it's possible and necessary to continue working in spite of current conditions. However, within the past few days, students and professors alike have had to deal with the struggles of living during this time, risking their lives and livelihoods every time they have to go to the grocery store or across campus to buy food or pick up prescriptions, resulting in crashed cars and injured bodies. On campus, the roads and sidewalks continue to ice over despite the effort to treat them with salt and sand by university personnel. Students and educators both on and off campus have had to deal with near-constantly unstable wifi, especially regarding university connections. Because of the cold, some have experienced power outages, not only preventing them from attending class and digitally working but also jeopardizing their health in their inability to heat their homes.

We are in the middle of a deadly ice storm, in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Although education is fundamental to a functioning society, our priorities should not lie in trying to attend class and complete assignments when some of us are struggling to physically survive the week. Please, allow the campus to take a break until this unfortunate storm is over with.