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Remove breed restrictions based by breed name

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We are asking for your support and signatures to make a huge impact for many rescue's, shelter's, pounds Texas-Wide that could benefit from the removal of "breed restriction" ban's in apartment complex's based on the NAME of the breed. 

Pitbull's and other breeds deemed aggressive such as; German Shepards, Bulldogs, Terriers, Huskies, Dobermans, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull terrier's and the list goes on... are not always aggressive. There's a lot of these dogs that have been good family dogs, protectors, and just want a chance at life. Even with a bad past, it's not because they chose that past, it's because of an IRRESPONSIBLE human trained them to do certain things, that they thought was being loyal to their owner. We need to blame the owners, the people that do these things to these dogs to PROFIT - because it starts at THEM, and NOT the dogs. No dog, regardless of breed, is made to be a fighter or killer.... it's the people that train and torture them to do so. 

We are when considering approval for these type of dogs, instead of rejecting them based on their breed name, to instead look at a few other things like:

1. Pet Interview - see for yourself how the dog acts and reacts to people and other dog's surrounding them. Like a lot of breeds, they may not like other animals, but if they aren't trying to kill themselves to get to another dog, what's the problem?

2. Pet's Credentials - Did they come from a reputable rescue group? What training have they accomplished?

3. Owner Responsibility - Not all owner's of this breed are "thugs" - a lot of owner's of this breed are educated, responsible, family ortiented people. And they want their furry family members to be accepted for their character and not based on their face. Is that too much to ask for?

I'm not asking to "remove breed restrictions" indefinetly, but to put forth an approval process that will at least give the breed a chance.

Understand some facts on why BSL does not work:

1. Any breed of dog can bite, and research suggests BSL does little to protect the community from dog-bite incidents.

2. In fact, BSL can often have unintended consequences -- such as black-market interest and indiscriminant breeding practices -- resulting in subsequent breed overpopulation that leads to increases in the number of homeless, stray and euthanized dogs.

3. Enforcement of BSL has been shown to be very costly and extremely difficult to enforce. One county in Maryland spent more than $560,000 maintaining pit bulls (not including payroll, cross-agency costs and utilities), while fees generated only $35,000.

4. Responsible breeding and ownership, public education and enforcement of existing laws are the most effective ways of reducing dog bites.

5. American Humane supports local legislation to protect communities from dangerous animals, but does not advocate laws that target specific breeds of dogs.

How can the Texas Apartment Association benefit from giving our petition a chance? 

1. Higher occupancy rates - more people with these loving dogs can rent apartments and not have to worry about an expensive house if they are not ready for such.

2. More profit to the apartments - ALOT of people own these kinds of dogs, which means no more hiding these dogs in their apartments, which means more revunue in pet deposits / monthly pet rent to the rental properties.

3. You will help decrease the over-population in the shelters, rescue's. More people want to help foster, adopt but are unable to because of the breed restrictions... so you would be helping decrease the amount of innocent animals being put down based on their breed name vs their overall character and doing good for the community. 

I understand what we are asking is a contraversial issue, and won't be fixed overnight, but we're asking for a chance for our animals. Not all of them are fighters, but are lovers. We're asking you to do the same and love them for them.

And if you choose to accept we ask their be STRICT guidelines for owners of these dogs, such as:

1. They must pay the normal pet deposit+pet rent if approved.

2. They must continue training for their dogs - there's a lot of places that offer it free or low cost.

3. Dog's MUST be spayed/neutured.

4. Owner must be responsible and keep the dog on a leash at ALL times for the saftey of other animals and children and people. 

5. Owner must own a sufficent size of a kennel for the animal(s) for when they are not home or supervised. 

Simple rules like this will keep everyone around safe, and the dog safe as well. 

Please put our petition in consideration.

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