Make A&M Fall Classes Pass/Fail

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Texas A&M is having its students pay full price tuition to receive an ineffective education from a staff that isn’t willing to step up and teach properly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially those who aren’t offering in-person classes or even video lectures. Some professors are just assigning textbook assignments without any instruction and that encompasses the entire class. 

We as students feel cheated, deceived and robbed of the quality education promised to us. Many students’ GPAs are going to suffer from the lack of hands-on teaching that this great university is supposed to offer its students. We feel as though by holding us to the same standard, even when the information and knowledge provided is subpar and abysmal in some cases, that Texas A&M is not representing its own core values of Respect, Integrity, or Excellence. 

Our goal is to convince Texas A&M University to give students the option to do Pass/Fail classes for the Fall of 2020 because of this historic and unprecedented time. The consequences of COVID-19 has soiled our extremely expensive education by creating a disparaging reduction in the quality of learning. We feel as though the student body of Texas A&M should not have to bear the burden as a result of this lack of quality. 

Please hear us.

-The Twelfth Man