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Texas A&M University- Commerce Sanctuary Campus Petition for DACA/Undocumented Students

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Texas A&M University- Commerce Sanctuary Campus Petition

Dear President Keck,

In the wake of the recent presidential elections, many students at Texas A&M University- Commerce are uncertain of what is to come in the near future. In particular, DACA students at Texas A&M university- Commerce worry about what a Trump presidency could bring for them and their families. In light of this, we - students, faculty, staff and community members - call on the University to implement measures that will work to ensure the safety and protection of undocumented students at Texas A&M University Commerce. With inauguration of the Trump administration, we anticipate that protections afforded under DACA program will end, as was often promised during the campaign season. The prospect of what will eventuate in January 2017 has spread terror among DACA students and their families. In the next semester, we face the possibility of mass arrests, imprisonment, and deportation for students who have spent most of their lives in the United States and have been educated in American school classrooms.

First, we ask that you consider implementing public support for DACA students and their families as they are our friends with whom we learn together. We offer our heartfelt assistance.
Second, we ask the administrators of Texas A&M University- Commerce to provide the assistance that is within their power.

Specifically, we request that you:
• Develop protocol for Texas A&M University- Commerce to become a sanctuary campus. According to a 2011 memorandum, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are subject to restrictions in sensitive areas, such as University College Campuses. (see
• Ensure that student privacy remains guaranteed.
• Assign an administrative office the responsibility for counseling DACA students on their educational situation. Advertise that DACA student counseling services are available on a strictly confidential basis.
• Continue in-state resident tuition for DACA students who have qualified previously.
• In the event of arrest, imprisonment, and deportation, or due to student reluctance to travel to or appear on campus, have in place arrangements for online continuation of their degree programs.
• Take these measures during the current semester (in other words, immediately) so that DACA students can be assured of institutional support towards continuing in school next semester, retention, and completion of their degree programs.
• Make TAMUC DREAMers a UCSO (Unsafe School Choice Option), allowing them to be an advocacy group for undocumented students, ensuring continued advocacy for undocumented students as student leader’s graduate.

Texas A&M University- Commerce is a school that prides itself on its sense of community and diversity efforts. The university’s vision for the future is to “provide a sense of community through a nurturing environment for ALL individuals in order to maximize learning, career and personal development”. So we ask that you fulfill that vision by insuring your support to DACA students on campus. The best way to make this happen is to create a setting with these policies in place so that our DACA students can feel safe on their own campus, just as any other student. Please show us how Texas A&M University- Commerce protects its undocumented community during their times of need and how it continues to strive towards a more inclusive environment for ALL students.

Awaiting Your Action,

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