Reduce Texas A&M Tuition and Fees for Fall 2020 Semester

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Recently Texas A&M University has released the new fall 2020 schedule, including which classes had been moved to a fully online format. Many students find that a lot of their important, core classes have been moved online. 

With the COVID-19 situation, it's very hard to predict the future, including the possibility of being able to even have the few in-person classes. That is why we, the undersigned students, believe that the quality of our education for the upcoming fall semester is at stake. We believe that web-based classes, assignments, and exams could be a disadvantage or detriment to many students, and do not provide the same learning experience Texas A&M students expect and pay for. 

Additionally, many students rely on resources provided by the university that they may not be able to access once we move into an online environment. Not being able to access these resources could be due to many reasons, including feeling unsafe on campus, not being able to stay on campus due to cost of living or the loss of a job, having to work more to cover unexpected costs that came up due to the pandemic, etc. The resources that can move to a fully online format will have their quality at stake and may not provide what the students need. 

With the lack of a reliable and stable learning environment and the reduced access and quality of resources, we also believe that Texas A&M should lower the costs of tuition and fees for the upcoming "hybrid" fall semester.