Close down the Dog Laboratory at Texas A&M!

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There are twenty-nine dogs trapped in cold, dark cages and are being subjected to countless forms of experimentation. All of the dogs imprisoned have Muscular Dystrophy (MD) and are being tested to "later develop a cure for human trials." However, former lead experimenter Joe Kornegay has researched this for over 35 years and has yet to have any real progress. Even after 3 decades of experimentation, Kornegay has failed to produce a treatment to lessen or reverse the symptoms, let alone find a cure.

Kornegay's trials include the breeding/insemination of dogs that already have MD to make litters of dogs to use in further experimentation. What he calls "developing" litters of puppies with a chronic illness is inhumane and cruel. Kornegay also contributed a chapter to a 2011 book, Muscle Gene Therapy, in which he outlines his process of breeding, including the high mortality rate of the dogs and rampant inbreeding in the process. As Kornegay transfers to other universities, (UG, NCSU, UM, UNC, and now TAMU) the sick colonies of dogs are taken with him.

After TAMU was first ridiculed 2 years prior, they vowed to end the dog breeding program, and would only house dogs they rescue with MD. However, TAMU has been dishonest with the public and is still housing dogs that are born into captivity with a life-threatening disease and caging them until they die. Lab officials claim that the breeding has stopped but since 2018, up to a hundred puppies have been born in secret.

The Muscular Dystrophy Lab at Texas A&M University needs to be shut down, and the dogs within it to be put up for adoption in hopes they all find good forever homes.