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Dear Texas A&M Administration,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about your handling of COVID-19 and are grieving in response to the first confirmed student death of COVID. We understand the legal and logistical challenges involved in protecting students, faculty, and staff, however, we believe there is more to be done. We do not feel safe in our classes and extracurriculars and wish you would prioritize our health and safety. We respectfully ask for:

1. Improved contact tracing and notification - Classroom members should be notified when a student in their class tests positive so that they can take appropriate action. 
2. Online options for those testing positive - Students are being left behind when they are not able to come to class. Professors should implement solutions such as synchronous zooms, recorded lectures, and/or extended office hours to help these students.
3. Online options for those at higher risk - Students who do not feel comfortable coming to class in person should not be required to. Even while wearing a mask and fully vaccinated, the chance to contract COVID-19 in a full capacity classroom is above some people’s risk tolerance.
4. Treatment of on-campus students - Requiring students who live on campus to find their own housing when they test positive is a negligent public health risk, as it is sending them to places where they may infect others. If a temporary room is not available for the student on campus, the university should provide hotel or other accommodations.
5. Increased testing - With over 1600 active cases on campus (as of 9/13), testing is a necessity. Increasing the availability of testing sites on campus as well as the frequency of mandatory testing would help minimize community spread.
6. Better quarantine - Implementing sanctions for students who do not comply with quarantine would prevent them from infecting others. In addition, vaccinated students should have the option to receive excused absences and quarantine when they are exposed, as they can still contract and transmit the virus.
7. Stronger and consistent university messaging - We understand that you are not legally allowed to mandate masks or ask about vaccination status. Publicizing and modeling responsible behavior and creating a culture where masking and vaccination is expected starts from the top.

In addition to this letter, we have an addendum where people who have consented to their responses being shared can tell their stories and experiences. The thoughts in there represent statements by individuals, not necessarily the views of those here undersigned. We also have a data sheet where the types of concerns raised by each individual have been logged if you would like a deeper look at where we got these policy suggestions. We thank you for your time in considering our concerns and hope to continue the conversation about COVID-19 policies in the best interest of all campus members. 


Concerned A&M members


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25,204 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!