Supermarkets to offer small incentives when customers bring their own reusable bags

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Every year over 17.5 billion plastic bags are sent to landfill across the world, and it’s widely known that plastic waste is a huge problem for wild species and the earth. It takes roughly 10-20 years for a standard plastic bag to decompose, leaving our already threatened environment in jeopardy.

The enforced 5p charge for plastic bags has encouraged more people than ever to buy reusable bags, but this just isn’t enough. 5 pence is to many something they wouldn’t pick up from the ground if they dropped it. By offering a small incentive from supermarkets for bringing your own bags and not purchasing any extra, people would feel more encouraged to protect the environment due to the rewards they could get. 

Something as simple as a 5% discount on purchases up to £20-30 for example, or extra clubcard, nectar points ect would encourage customers to do the right thing by protecting the environment, and could potentially increase sales as people could be getting more for their money depending on the offers certain stores provide.

Ultimately, if we continue in our tracks the earth will soon become something unrecognisable, and the least we can do is try to protect the world in any way we can.

Many thanks, Saskia Lewis